Monthly Citizen Helpdesks Bulletin tracking rumors and concerns on pressing issues through citizen feedback.

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Visualized Data of responses received from feedback from a selected group of citizen.

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Radio Program

Conveying valid information to the general public through a radio program “Sabal Samudaye”.

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In Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes, the Helpdesks focused on closing the feedback loop on issues related to the disaster relief process in the 14 worst affected districts. Over the subsequent two years, the Helpdesks solved hundreds of problems- reuniting families, supporting health facilities and coordinating aid. In total, our Community Frontline Associates served more than 100,000+ citizens in 1,200+ villages, with our data used by over 50+ key donor agencies and 5 government ministries. Subsequently, we wanted to make sure that the voices of citizens were truly heard as part of larger development process in Nepal. Our Helpdesks teams began to systematically survey communities on their needs and create feedback mechanisms to improve the response. A critical challenge in the earthquake-affected areas and beyond is migration- hundreds of Nepalis migrate on a daily basis. Manpower and other recruitment agencies frequently exploit these migrants, and widespread human rights abuses such as human trafficking are common. The Helpdesks are now acting as a resource for potential and returned migrants, providing information on issues including how to navigate the process of migration safely, access to entitlements and job training, and data on manpower agencies.